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    Software developer CDSoundMaster, known for such titles as the N-TEN-AT4 Vintage EQ and their R2R Essential Analog Tape collection audio plug-ins, announces the release of two new complimentary plug-ins: The Vintage Tube Collection and Tube Booster. These plug-ins are designed for PC and Mac.

    With the Vintage Tube Collection, everyone can afford to be a collector of rare vintage vacuum tubes. Included are prized tubes from Mullard, Amperex, Brimar, and Radiotechnique. There are a total of nine different tube programs in this collection.

    CDSoundMaster states that "...We actually built the hardware device to play the tubes. The result is the tube's behavior at all volumes, also known as dynamic range, the frequency spectrum, and the harmonic distortion."

    The Tube Booster plug-in allows the user to add higher gain natural tube harmonic saturation. This is a process that has been emulated in many forms over the years, but because of its subjectivity, it is often implemented poorly and over-emphasized.

    CDSoundMaster states that "... our technology allows us to recreate the purity of the analog signal with great detail, and in multiple dimensions." This technology, called V.V.K.T., or Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology, has been developed by Acustica Audio over many years, and CDSoundMaster has maintained close ties as beta tester and official 3rd Party Developer.

    CDSoundMaster's attention to detail does not end at the excellent sonic capabilities of these plug-ins, but they have also designed some of the most realistic Graphic Interfaces to date. Even more amazing is that these GUI's, created by Vincent at GravityLinks, are completely unique to the software, and were designed from scratch. The Vintage Tube Collection and Tube Booster are available for instant download.

    The Vintage Tube Collection and Tube Booster are available now at

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