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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by aivoryuk, Jul 18, 2005.

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    hi ya sorry if this has been covered before i need some advice about vinyl mastering or pre vinyl mastering.

    in order to get a decent sounding vinyl master is there anything that i need to do in my pre master before it gets sent to the cutters. or should the client just take his mixed version to the cutters and let them deal with it.

    I've read in bob katz book that the loudness of the pre master has no reflection on how loud the vinyl comes up??

    is there anything i need to do frequency wise?. I'm aware of phase issues on bass instruments.

    any help gratefully received
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    You can also put a rolloff at around 12k and see how the mix stands up. Don't print it that way, just use it to check. Depending on how hot they are asked to cut it, they might roll off at around 12k. Don't over limit either.
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    thanks for that

    just that i had a client i've been working with had one of his tracks (a techno track) cut recently and he was stating that it was too low in volume.

    is this down to my pre master or to the person that cut the vinyl??? i know that how long the track is and how many are on there can affect the loudness also

    to be honest the mixed track was a bitch to master cause it was already pumped and distorted before it got to me so mine was actually lower in volume than his mix
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    I think you answered the question about the techno track yourself
    But basically my advice for any one who is releasing a track that is going to end up on vinyl is do not limit compress ultramaximise peak limit or normalise the stereo bus Also if there is any limiting on individual tracks keep it to a minimum and finally ATTEND the mastering session and ask as many questions as you have to, until you understand what happens when somthing is being cut for vinyl,He or she should not mind if it makes their job easier.I have got cliesnts who ring or i/m me all the time during their mixdown sessions if they are having problems.It takes a team effort to make a good record.One final point if you sending a track off for cutting through a brokerage deal chances are you are only getting a flat cut so beware 8) [/quote]
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