VIs that output in stereo, when mono is preferred?

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Hi all,

    The kind of VIs that I'm referring to are the array of plug-ins like Stylus RMX or NI's Guitar Rig that all output their effected signals as stereo. But what if, for example, one was recording a bass part with Guitar Rig where perhaps a final mono signal of such a take would be preferred to be finally printed to tape?

    Would simply busing out and recording only 1 of the 2-bus outputs from Guitar Rig be the solution or could this produce a less than perfect representation of the signal especially if the left and right channels from Guitar Rig aren't purely identical?

    Or would printing or freezing this signal from Guitar Rig as stereo in the be better in the first place? But would this then result in a stereo bass track that's sitting in a 'wider' depth of field which may not be most desirable? In this specific case, I know there are plug-ins that can make a stereo track more 'mono' such as Digital Performer's Trim plug-in. Given this case, so then would it be best to first capture or freeze any of your final takes as stereo and then convert them into mono later? If so, would there then be any possible phasing anomalies to be aware of with such stereo to mono conversion in such a case?

    Appreciate any insight or advice!

    Thanks a lot!

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