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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jheidenr, May 22, 2005.

  1. jheidenr

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    I am new to recording and am interested mostly in recording piano an vocal/choral music. Both my wife and I are classical trained singers. I also have a lot of choral music that I have composed and would like to quickly record without having to put together a choir.

    I was hoping someone might have a suggestion/recommendation on a vocal effects processor with some nice reverb effects that give a nice cathedral sound, and that can do multiple voice duplication (I'm not sure what the technical term for this is) so my wife and I can record all the parts of the choral pieces pn and have it sound like there are more than four voices in the ensemble.
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    Feb 10, 2001

    Only way I know you can do that is with a Harmonizer. You understand the word, harmony right?
    Of course, well the harmonizers are a brand name of effects processors, and they are designed and manufactured by a company by the name of Eventide.
    I have 2 of them. One is a Harmonizer, the other is an Ultra-Harmonizer.
    To do what you are explaining you want to do, you would need the Ultra-Harmonizer.
    They are NOT cheap.
    I paid $3400 for mine. You might try a different brand, like the T.C. eletronics VoicePrism.It sells for around $1000. But it is not gonna sound as real as a person would, or even as good as the Eventide products.
    I had a $600 Digitech Vocal"something or rather" years ago, and it quickly sounded like chipmonks singing. After a few songs.
    So if you get something for the vocals. You are really gonna hear the quality. Get the goods, if you can.
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    Feb 15, 2005
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    You could also try UltraPitch 6 from Waves. It is a VST plugin (host required) that does harmonies with formant-correction but I am sure does not sound nearly as good as the Eventide.

    Or...lots of overdubs.
  4. jheidenr

    jheidenr Guest

    Thanks for the info of these processors. Is there somewhere I can go, either online or a shop somewhere where I can listen to some examples of what these processors can do? I've been to the product websites and they all seem to have a lot of information, but very few samples of how they sound. For an amatuer recorder, $3,000 is a huge chunk of change to drop on equipment I haven't heard work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Matt_Trix

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    Overdubs is probably the best if you're a classically trained singer. If you've got the ability to sing the same notes every take then use it, it's gonna sound more real than anything your thousands of $$$ can produce.

    You'd probably want at least 8-12 "takes" for each "part" in your harmony to get a nice thick choral sound.. then get a quality reverb processor like an Eventide or Lexicon to give it the depth.

    Of course, some of the Eventide units do both very, very, very well.. so you could splash out with the $4k plus for the Eventide. I still think it won't sound as good as good as multiple human takes, but it will be quicker which sounds like something you're after.

  6. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Matt is correct. If you try the multible tracks idea. Try to use a few different types of mic's. It will help to keep it from sounding to cluttered and voiced-over. And because each mic has a different sound. Doesn't hurt to rotate pre-amps as well.
    The idea is for it to sound like the same person, but with all the shine of 10 persons singing with you.
    If done right, Matts way is the best way.
    If done wrong, well......blame it on Matt :lol: :lol:
  7. AudioGaff

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    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    You can get a used DSP series Eventide that will do just about as good as any of the newer ones for what you need done for under $2000. With an Evenrideyou will quickly find it is capable of performing hundreds of audio realted chores as well as being a great source to inspire and create music. I own three and have a fourth I borrow from time to time and I constantly wish I had at least a few more.
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    Feb 10, 2001
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    Feb 10, 2001
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