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    I've been going through a lot of the different information about vocal effects, and had a question about a particular song from Mike posner. Who Knows? - Mike Posner & the Brain Trust (A Matter of Time) Ft.Big Sean - YouTube

    Or another song from him : Mike Posner - Save Your Goodbye (HQ) + Lyrics - YouTube

    He seems to have achieved a very unique tone, and I was curious as to how it was done aside from having his voice.

    On the chorus in the beginning (the "Sometimes my mind" part) can someone give me a sense of what's going on there? I'm hearing low pass eq with some reverb. But not sure about pitch correction or autotune, delay, or what sort of echo process that's occurring. I'm running a pro tools 8 LE system.

    If anyone had some thoughts on achieving that type of sound I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone can recommend a resource that provides examples of a lot of the kinds of effects in various songs that would be a big help as well. I've found some on youtube. It's always easier for me to hear it in the context of a song to understand it in the recording process (ie. "here is an example of stuttering from Mj").
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    What you are referring to is pretty simple... it's a High Pass filter with delay

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