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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by supercharry, Mar 14, 2005.

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    Some mics are good for at least two different uses. Some are good as vocal and OH mics, others as OH and AMP, or AMP and vocal,................... whatever. Which could be a good deal in order to satisfy these 3 different recording situations, or at least 2 of them.
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    Dec 10, 2001
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    The answer to this question comes in many forms and many opinions.Budget will play a big part in how its addressed.Another factor will be just how many mics you are wanting to fulfill these parameters.Two, with a very large budget might surfice.More than likely we're talking at least three if not more.The other factors would be, type of music,type of room, type of equipment in current use. To suggest a vintage AKG C12 that you would be using through a $300 4 channel board is putting the cart before the horse. Clarify your question and ask again.We'll do our best.
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    Well, about the budget lets say its around $1000-$2000. 3 or 4 mics can fulfill the posted parameters. According to the type of music its hard to define one in particular because different people come to me with different ideas. The room is 4x3.5x2.3 (in meters, LxWxH). Equipment: Behringer UB2442FX mixer, M-audio BX-8 monitors, Digi 002, Dual 2.0 Mac G5, mics: 2 AKG C1000's. 1 SM-57, 1 SM58, 1 AKG D-112, AudioTechnica KPDRUMS Kitpack (not good at all).

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