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    I recently went to a local studio out here in Tampa (Deep Productions) and what I noticed is that when the RE recording vocals (4 hip hop) he had the artist do two vocal runs. He was able to place the 2nd run behind the lead, and thickin it up, but really without you hearing the difference in the tracks......in other words... if the words didn't exactly line up you couldn't really tell.

    My question for you(s) is what are some of the tips, tricks, and effects/plugins that can help me blend vocals....I know that a delay under 30ms helps spread out the vocal (fattning) and I also know that a reverb will place it further back, ........

    what are some of the things you use to work with in this situation

    also I was wondering about panning adlibs....I usually cut my freq. a little high to bring them up so there's clarity over the lead, but im not sure if its a better practice to pan wide or try to keep them close to the middle.........ur opinion on that?

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