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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Meadhbh, May 7, 2009.

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    I have never done anything, as far as music studios are concerned, with professional recording stuff. Sometimes I'll mess around with Sony Acid Music Studio software, but that is all. I really want to set up a (with professional equipment) Vocal Recording area. I was going to get a kit called RODE TO RECORDING SYSTEM Recording Package but I would rather handpick my own equipment. My budget is between 3000 and 10000. I was thinking I would need amps, an audio interface, mic, software for editing, etc. I am not trying to set up a full music studio, just equipment and software that will help me create killer sound quality of vocal or musical recordings. Like I said, at this point, I'm not familar with a lot so I want to set up something where I can learn about a few quality items rather than a lot with a full-blown music studio. I really want to set up that part of a music studio, kind of adding as I go along. Please help me. I would appreciate it very much.

    I basically want to be able to record with professional quality. The kind of stuff I want to record are rock music, spanish music (music with classical guitars), and celtic music or folk music. I know that's a wide range. I probably need like a few things that work well with many styles of music. I'm talking maybe 10, 12 pieces of equipment. If that's not possible my main thing is being able to record vocals and instruments with people physically there with me. What records rock the best (equipment-wise) and what records folk and those spanish guitars the best. I guess I have to seperate it like that, if I don't, correct me. Yes, I'm into beats as far as a drumkit beating in the back of a rock song are concerned. I have 0 equipment, I'm really starting fresh. I would say my goals are to have a space where a band or any group of people can sit and jam out without having a complicated set-up like a booth or the whole music studio layout just yet. Is that possible? No prerecorded stuff, not to say I don't want good mixing software. I know I want to use my laptop to handle sufficient software or maybe buy a computer that is made specifically for music studios. Lastly, like I said, I'm not ready to set up a permanent music studio area. I just want some equipment to start out with that can lead me to creating a good music studio, assuming I'll use the same equipment in the future.
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    Your budget is large enough that the HUGE amount of gear that could come into play will be a long journey towards what is going to be right for you.

    How about we start with the basics of, style of music, vocals only? vocals with prerecorded backing tracks? beats?

    In short what do you see as your immediate goals of recording what sounds.

    Also, what gear do already have? What is your recording area going to be like..ie: size shape ect...

    From these things we can get a handle on what you'll need and what will be beneficial to your growth as a recordist.

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