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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by jegardner87, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. jegardner87

    jegardner87 Guest

    Is anyone here familiar with the vocal sound on the Strokes 'Last Night' or even some of The Killers songs?
    I wish to try and recreate that somehow, i have experimented with some distortion, Mid Range adjustment etc.. But as much as this seems to get close to it, it still sounds not right, and also appears limit a lot of the vocal dynamics of the recording. Anyone know of, or have any ideas on how this may be achieved?
  2. Chance

    Chance Guest

    That can be done with a TC-Helicon voice prism plus. TC discontinued them, but you should be able to pick one up for around $1K
  3. MarceloKato

    MarceloKato Guest

    From April 2002 Sound on Sound Magazine:

    "One of the most distinctive features of Is This It is the sound of Julian Casablancas' vocals, which are curiously distorted and compressed from beginning to end. "There were two techniques," explains Gordon. "One consisted of an Audio-Technica 4033A mic going through the Avalon 737, and I would usually work with Julian for an hour just to get the voice tone. Until the final result was achieved he would be extremely suspicious and unhappy, and invariably the final result would have some kind of messiness or not-quite-rightness about it, at which point he would smile and say, 'This is great.' So, that was one technique, and then the second technique was something that Julian had discovered on his own at home while making the demos. He liked to sing through his Peavey practice amp, which is about eight inches tall, and I'd mike that with a Neumann TLM103, so he'd still be singing into the Audio-Technica (Julian found the Neumann distasteful!), but I'd be Neumanning it in order to get the exact details of what this horrible little amp sounded like. He wanted it shitty, but not too shitty. He would always say things like, 'This sound needs to have its tie loosened.' Those were the kind of technical descriptions I would get every day. On the EP, two of the tracks have live vocals, whereas on the album he knew from the beginning that he wanted to be in the control room with me while they were tracking, just concentrating on that and leaving the vocals for later. The band played to a click track."

    I'm trying to emulate this sound via plugins in cubase... any ideas?
  4. jegardner87

    jegardner87 Guest

    Cheers mate, that sounds very cool but pricey! I might try and see if i can get some kind of VST version, not as good, but may do the trcik if there is such a thing.

    Sound on sound can be such a savior!

  5. Chance

    Chance Guest

    The voice modeler is available as a plug in too but you have to have powercore and that is also pricey

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