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  1. Shacke

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    Can anyone please give me some other tips on what I do with the vocal track(s) in my mix to make them sound better?

    What I do at the moment is use 2:1 compression, plate reverb, very little eq and that is basically it. My vocals end up sounding okay but against the rest of the music sounds a bit 'too honest' and unprofessional.

    Any advice/tips on how to achieve better vocals or insight into what the big boys do?
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    Try either chorus, or better yet another layer or two of vocals. Also try delays
  3. Shacke

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    Thanks for the reply. When you say another layer or two of vocals, do you mean getting the singer to sing the part on a separate track or do you mean sort of copying the vocal to another track and then giving the copy a separate treatment?
  4. Shacke,
    It would be easier to comment if I could hear an example. If that's not possible then the answers to a few questions might help.

    What's the musical style?
    Whose voice does the singer most sound like?
    What band would you like the finished song to sound like?
    What mic are you using?
    What mic pre amp are you using?
    What are you using for the compression?
    What are you using for the reverb?
    What are you recording with?
    What are you mixing on?

    Without this information all I can say is :

    Different levels of compression suit different vocal styles and different singers. Even with the same singer different reverbs (and other effects) may suit different songs.

    By all means visit my band's web site and listen to some short clips from our forthcoming album. If you think they sound good and want to know how the vocals were recorded and mixed I'll be happy to tell you.

  5. Shacke

    Shacke Guest

    SWV/Mary J Blige/Blackstreet/Michael Jackson
    Mary J Blige
    Neuman TLM103
    Digi 001
    Focusrite Voicemaster Pro
    Plate reverb on digital mixer
    Tascam DM24 desk
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