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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by enner100, Oct 13, 2004.

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    I started a Cubase 24 track audio recorder project. So far I have only used 2 channels. On channel one I have a voice audio recording coming out the left speaker. On channel two I have another voice recording but coming out of the right speaker.

    How do I save this as a wav or mp3 file? Cubase only seems to let me save it as a CPR file?

    Also would it be possible to add an mp3 recording I have on my PC in the third channel (coming out of both speakers)? If so how?

    What I am aiming for eventually is a MP3 or WAV recording with one voice coming out of the left speaker, another voice coming of the right speaker and the music coming out of both left and right speakers.
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    Highlight the entire song w/ the arrows on the top ruler. They should put a blue tint over everything. Then once everything is highlighted, go to file - export - audio mixdown. You can then save the project as an mp3, wav or whatever. You can also import mp3s and everything else by going to File - Import - audio (or mp3 or whatever it says) hope that answers your question.

  3. enner100

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    Hi thanks for your reply. You would not believe some of the rude answers I received on other forums lol. I am sorry for being a newbie but I am totaly new to using a PC for music creation. I am a hypnotherapist and I am trying to create a hypnosis CD.

    This is what I have managed to achieve at the moment in cubase

    Audio 1 My voice saying one story coming out the right speaker
    Audio 2 My voice saying a different story coming out the left speaker
    Audio 3 A metronome sound coming out both speakers

    I done what you said and used the ruler to highlight all 3 tracks but I still have problems with the finished file mp3. I am still probably getting a configuration wrong.

    If I export it as an mp3 file I get a warning that only the first channels of the exported file will be filled. If I click ok and save the file as a mp3 file. When I play the created mp3 file it back I can only hear audio one and it is coming out of both speakers (stereo). It should be coming only out of the right speaker.
    I have tried changing the option to mono on the export mp3 file but I get the same results, I can only hear audio one and out of both speakers.

    However if I export it as a wave file it saves is it as I created it.

    Also I have two new problems. The audio on the saved exported wave file is pretty low. I have tried putting all audio settings on high for both my soundcard and cubase.

    The second problem is with normalising all 3 tracks. After normalising the background hiss is unbearable.
    I can understand audio one and two having some background hiss as they are both me speaking in to a $50 microphone. However channel three (the metronome) is a wav file I found on the net. It sounds ok when I play it but after normalising it the background hiss is unbearable.

    Do you have any tips for reducing the background hiss?
    Many thanks.

    Win XP
    512 MB ram
    Soundblaster audigy sound card
    Cubase 2.20

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