VST/32 giving me monitoring noise - ideas?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by stereomaus, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Hi to all, especially Kurt & David

    I often use a pair of K240s to monitor my VST/32 recordings. There is some transport noise when I get into audio parts, but not awful. I was monitoring with Event PS8s the other day and it was horrible. I got this tick,tick,tick coming at me, also what sounded like "light" rumble, I closed a plugin & got a charming popping sound. This is all on playback & does not make me happy! What is up?!

    Mac G3 with Motu 2408 MKII & 1224, VST/32 playing back through the PS8s. I was working with a 48 Khz,16 bit recording of some "sketch" material that was optically transferred. (no mic holding going on)
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    Cubase monitoring noise

    Seeing as this topic generated so much "excitement", I'm going to follow up on it myself for the next "victim" of this situation. I was running my soundcard master outs directly into my Event PS8 monitors. I sent them into my mixer and sent the signals out through 3 & 4. This has cut down on much of the noise that was going on. The line levels may have been poorly matched. This is my guess anyway. I am sure that the input level was not too high because it was set at
    -22 db!! I think this is kinder to my PS8s as well.

    If you have any tips on the best approach to software vs. hardware gain levels let me know. I do know that if the soundcard is "overdriven" the rest of the chain will be polluted with distortion. This is not tough to figure out, watch for sustained peaks.

    Hope you have not run into the above problem! 8)

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