VST Instrument Latency

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by capitancarajo, May 7, 2001.

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  1. :( Is that what steinberg call a solution? If I use Battery as stand alone sampler I can solve this by decreasing buffer size, and everything's OK. I own a PIII 500 MHz 256MB RAM. Any thoughts? Help!
  2. zlatko

    zlatko Guest

    What is your configuration?
    (Audio Card, Audio sequencer...)

    regards agaton.
  3. I'm trying to have the less apps I can: for sequencing and audio I have only Nuendo, plus VST instrument NI Battery. For Mastering i use Sound Forge 5.0 My card is an Echo Mona (ASIO 2, 24-96), MIDI kit hooked to game port with a Korg N5 synthesizer, all of this running on a IBM Aptiva PIII 500MHz, 256 MB DRAM. Nuendo runs perfectly with many tracks of audio, lots of automation and VST + DX plugins. Just have this "little" NI Battery VST issue.

  4. zlatko

    zlatko Guest

    How small (big) is latency of
    your Echo-Mona card curently
    (check that in Mona setup) than
    when Stand alone Battery work OK
    is latency of ASIO 2 in Nuendo
    to big (solve this in Device manager in Nuendo). Latency must be same in Stand alone
    and VST Battery.

    regards agaton.
  5. :p Thanks a lot, it worked. The help files should include that simple fix before telling us to record with another patch and then play back with battery. They scared me.


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