VST instruments (Oxygen 49 M-Audio)

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by leelad03, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. leelad03

    leelad03 Guest

    I am using the Oxygen midi keyboard, i only use Magix Music Maker 16 at the moment, but i want to make my very own big trance sounds, how could i do this? What vst can i download that would work with magix music maker 16?
  2. EricWatkins

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    Feb 10, 2007
    Decatur Il
    I'm not sure what "Magix Music Maker 16" is but I'm assuming it is some kind of host. For free VSTs, you should go to link removed. There is a rediculous amount of info and links for virtual instruments there. You will find probably TOO many options. But at least that way you can try some free stuff first or demos of pay instruments to try before you buy. THat said, you might want to check out Albino, Predator, and Zebra just for starters.
  3. TDMS

    TDMS Guest

    Go to this site and it tells you how to load VST instruments in magix music Vst Support.. Help! - MAGIX User Board

    This site has some more free VST synths and audio plugins. You have to download them and follow the directions from the site above to show you how to load them in Magix. VSTPLANET - VST Plugins Free - Virtual instruments and effects

    I don't own Magix Music Maker so I hope this helps.
  4. quietman

    quietman Active Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    Hi Lee
    I used Magix Samplitude (next one up from Music maker). I found it a bit quirky to load other vsts and it might be the same for Music Maker... it was my first DAW so it also may have been my lack of experience. I have a Oxygen8 MIDI keyboard which worked OK but I always had latency problems. The guys at Magix were helpful but I don't think they excel with music production as they do many other software products.

    I eventually changed to Sonar Home Studio 7XL for me a logical step for a beginner. I now use Sonar Producer which i am more than happy with. I totally agree about VSTPLANET from previuos post... excellent site for loads of free plugins.
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