VST Instruments?

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I may be working with Cubase in the future and I was advised (affordably) to go with the VST instruments, and load and sequence them in Cubase.

Can these instruments be as realistic and reliable as a high quality keyboard or sound module?

And if they’re good, what name brand to look for? I’m pretty sure they have low quality as well as high.

And I’m also (as mentioned in a previous post) looking for high quality drum kits: kick drums that punch, thick snares, crisp hi-hats, etc. And I didn’t know whether to spend alota cheese on a Roland MV-8000 and just buy samples (is it even worth it?), or trust in the VST Instruments.
Or am I comparing Day and Night as far as quality is concerned?


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Oct 29, 2003
I don't have a lot of experience with samples versus sound modules or keyboards, but little experience I do have would dictate that the samples are generally much better unless you're into the really high end modules like the Korg Triton or the new Yamaha unit. I was using a Korg X5RD (?) and tried out sound fonts on a whim. The sound fonts were quite a bit better than the sound module's sounds especially with strings, horns and drums. I have a friend who uses Cubase and Sampletank. The sounds are pretty amazing. Besides, I like the fact that you can get away with one less piece of hardware.

As far as which samples to use, yes there seems to be a wide range of quality. In my limited experience the free ones aren't very good; at least not much better than the module-generated sounds. You generally have to pay for the better ones and some can be fairly pricey. My friend using Sampletank said there's like a Sampletank club where other people who own it post samples on the web that you can download. Some were kind of cheezy, others were very impressive.


Take a look around soundsonline.com.. I've recently ordered a few things from them and thei company EastWest and also Quantum Leap make a few very impressive sampled instruments.

There are alot of great sampled drum kits coming out that are usable. "DrumKit From Hell" is a good example, it's probably one of the more popular - though perhaps not the best for what you want to do. I also know of "Artisan Drums" which have a number of drums sets and styles.

Like most other sample libraries, there are thousands of different single-note/hit samples with varying velocity and articulations. While getting into these huge sample libraries can be very daunting at first, I don't know of any keyboard that offers the same amount of expression, especially for the amount of money spent.

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