VST Instruments?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by thepooch, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. thepooch

    thepooch Guest

    I may be working with Cubase in the future and I was advised (affordably) to go with the VST instruments, and load and sequence them in Cubase.

    Can these instruments be as realistic and reliable as a high quality keyboard or sound module?

    And if they’re good, what name brand to look for? I’m pretty sure they have low quality as well as high.

    And I’m also (as mentioned in a previous post) looking for high quality drum kits: kick drums that punch, thick snares, crisp hi-hats, etc. And I didn’t know whether to spend alota cheese on a Roland MV-8000 and just buy samples (is it even worth it?), or trust in the VST Instruments.
    Or am I comparing Day and Night as far as quality is concerned?
  2. CaptainMark

    CaptainMark Guest

    Hardware and software instruments both have their advantages and disadvantages, however, sound quality is NOT a relevant aspect.

    These days software instruments are easily at least the equivalent of their hardware brethren in the sound department.

    You're looking for drums, but you don't say what style. If you're looking for acoustic drums, then the state of the art is:
    BFD at http://www.fxpansion.com or
    Drumkit From Hell Suprior at http://www.toontrack.com

    You want more dance drums, then use some decent sample CDs with either:
    DR-008 at http://www.fxpansion.com or
    RM IV at http://www.linplug.com

    Trilogy from http://www.spectrasonics.net has all kinds of Basses covered (acoustic, electric and synthetic).

    Great freeware synthesisers are:
    Synth1 from http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-SanJose/5005/softsynth/ and
    Crystal from http://www.greenoak.com

    Loads and loads and loads of other great synthesizers. Personal favourites of mine are V-station from http:// and Atmosphere from http://www.spectrasonics.com

    A great sampler is Kontakt by http://www.native-instruments.com. There are so many sample libraries available in this and compatible formats that any wish can be sorted.

    Bloody hell mate, there is so much software about, much is brilliant, much is OK, some is dodgy. Try some freeware to get used to stuff first, then try and be a bit more precise about what kind of sounds you're looking for.

    Happy hunting!

    Cheers, TheCaptain.
  3. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003

    As the name suggests, its all about VST (and other format) software instruments.
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