VST System Link -> Nuendo 1.61 ( SBlive ) + SX ( Gina )

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by pgstudio, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. pgstudio

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    HI Guysss...
    I´m with to computers here at home... my computer have a SB Live and the other one have a Gina...

    i plugged the SPDIFs of both cards and they are working ( i can record in sound forge from spdif in both computers )

    I can´t get SYS Link to work.... first of all.. i don´t know how to select the Spdif out in SB live ( I tried both drivers: KX and the one that comes with win XP ) ....
    i read the SX manual and made all correct ( i think ) ...
    Now the computers should be locked one to another, but they aren´t..
    I think the major problem is my SB live.... 'cos it´s not a pro card

    ne1 got sys link to work with SB live ????

    Thxxx matees..

  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Why on earth does someone buy Nuendo and SX and try to use a SB card? :p
    Anyways, Does the ASIO driver show up in Nuendo? If so then you need to most likely enable the SPDIF in the ASIO multimedia Setup. Either that or the properties of the SB card somewhere in the device manager. Once you have found that digital out enabling function in Nuendo set the input to the SPDIF IN..set the output of SX to the Gina SPDIF out...you do not need to send the SPDIF back and forth to each other. It actually confuses it more so than anything.
  3. pgstudio

    pgstudio Guest

    Yo Opuss.. thx for your Quick reply...
    This nuendo is from my studio... i closed the studio for 15 days for maintence.... and i´m with the dongle at home to play a little with it.... that´s why i´m using Nuendo with Sb live.. :)

    Thx for tha info.. but it doesn´t works.. :( ((((


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