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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Energizer, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Hi, this is an edit of a post i put on slashdot about VST under linux using vstserver and wine.


    As the title says, you can run VST plugins under linux using "Vstserver".
    Of course it relies on wine.
    The last version is 0.2.5 and so far i have been able to run flawlessly a big number of VST plugins . There is no added latency or speed performance issue.
    The Vsti synths work as well, although with less success for the moment.
    There are 2 ways to run VST plugins using Vstserver:
    The audio app uses the libs provided and let the user to instanciate the plugins. At this moment only one application which is PureData (by Miller Puckette the inventor of the famous MAX) has a "native" object for vst.

    The other way is to use "vst.so" which is a wrapper that allow Vst plugins to be seen as Ladspa plugins.
    Ladspa is the own linux audio plugins standard.
    This is very nice since there are already a lot of audio application that support ladspa.
    For the moment there are some minor issues with the vst.so wrapper (albeit it works reasonnably well). Most of the ladspa hosts are not well suited to run the Vst GUI.

    Here is a short list of FX that works here:
    -GRM volume 1/2
    -Mda set
    -TC electronics 3.0
    -PSP (all of them)
    -WarpVST (simu amps)
    -Dynasone multiband compressor
    -TC Native Reverb Master
    -a lot of little freebies.

    For the VSTi (some of them are still a little crashy)
    -Kontakt (yes)
    -Pentagon I
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    May 8, 2001
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    and you have done this? do you have any sounds to share created this way?

  3. Energizer

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    All the plugins i listed are those i had the opportunity to test myself.

    Concerning something to share, all this is very recent and my WIP are ... WIP :)

    I am working currently with Muse wich is a linux midisequencer with basic audio support.
    I do insert some VST plugins on my audio tracks.
    I use mainly the Mda plugins. They are free and work very well in Muse using the ladspa wrapper.
    And i really enjoy their Multiband compressor (there is no ladspa equivalant yet).

    On the song i am working on there is a synth track made with a FreeAlpha Vsti plugin. I had to use PureData, import the midifile to render the track then import back the wav file in Muse.

    So for the moment i am just starting to use more and more the Vst support in Muse and in PD.
    The "direct" support in PD is more successful, it seems, for the big plugins with complex GUI (like the TC line).
  4. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Well, this is great news! Sounds like we may have a good alternative relatively soon.

  5. davidseymour

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    Since Steinberg does all of their programming on the Linux platform to begin with, it seems that VST should have worked there a long time ago.
  6. crackhippy

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    Energizer, you mentioned that you were able to run Kontact. Could you post some installation instructions? Also, is it possible to run a linux midi sequencer to control it?

    This is exciting stuff. Latency in Linux is much better than in windows. Could this be the solution to using VST instruments live?

    Do you have full access to the VST guis?


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