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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by natan666, May 18, 2001.

  1. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    do any of you run VST instrument through pluggo or VST wrapper? how tight is the timing/latency when doing this?
    also, is there a 'master list' of wrapper-compatible VST effects/instruments available?
  2. rachid

    rachid Guest

    I am note sure about the master list of compatible plugins, but I use VST Wrapper and found that latency is very respectable... under 2408 a setting as high as 2048 in buffer settings still produces very usable synth response. Going down to 64 puts alot of strain on processor but can produce results comparable with any hardware synth's response.
  3. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    which VSTi's are you currently running under VST Wrapper?
  4. simonsez

    simonsez Guest

    Ugh......whats a "wrapper"?
    Sorry for being dim but...hey I am !!!
    I will guess a wrapper is used to work VSTi's with a non VST host program??..maybe?
    I am using the B4-LM4-Pro 52-and PPG Wave-
    VSTi's. I use them with Cubase v3.72 and a 20 bit Layla soundcard at down to 4 ms latency.
    There is a few pops and crackles when recording but you can't hear them on playback, I go up to a higher latency after recording. to 14ms with no pop issues.
    I love these VSTi's !!!! And Can't wait to get a sampler.
  5. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    Talk to Boris on Motu-mac..He'll fill ya in

    I know Knothink!!

  6. A good source for VST and Pluggo compatibility can be found @ oxygenhose.com, A very informative site with reviews and helpful hints as well!

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