VSTi outputs in MOTU's DP4???

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    Can somebody give me please a short "How-To" for my question?

    I would like to order Ni Kontakt and DP4 for working on OSX up now. I am used to Mac Recording since ages but I can't find the needed techn. ref. in the web talking about the possbl. - you may know - that you can use more than the standart stereo or mono output of your Vsti, which is normally right targeted to the mixing channel where you've opened your Vsti like Kontakt for instance. Let's say in Cubase - (which I don't really want to use :? ) - it will open automatically all provided channels in the mixing console - when you had changed the channels in the preferences of the Vsti before, so the web ref.. But as I know DP from other studios I used to work with, it isn't that way...

    I need to know if it works (is supported?) before I order DP4 and Kontakt for my belongings. And I think there are more out there than me, who would like to know that before...

    thanks in advance
    "a professional feeling totally unprofessional for now :)" (chaluz)

    PS: I forgot to mention: G4 OSX 10.3.4 is my platform, newest DP is 4.1.2 and Kontakt 1.5.2. availbl. as far as I know
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    Home Page:
    For virtual instrument you choose Instrument Track from the new track menu.

    DP doesn't support VST, it supports Audio Units, and MAS format plugs.
    If a plug is only available as a VST, FXpansion has a VST to AU adapter that creates AU versions of the VST.

    It shouldn't be an issue, the NI instruments have been released as Audio Units.

    It will allow you to select outputs you have configured in DP.


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