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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by tundrkys, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    Hey Opus, sorry to bother you(or anyone else who might offer some help), but(meaning forget that I said sorry to bother you) I have a problem.
    On the computer that I use to cruise the net(this one I am on now) I was downloading some stuff off Kaazaa. I let it download all night, and when I got back to it, it had some scratch search program that it wanted me to load. I said no. But ever since that day, I keep getting these pop up windows. Spam. I checked in control panel to try to uninstall whatever program was loaded to do this, but I found none. I am sure something got loaded onto my computer, and just want to know how to get rid of it.
  2. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    File Sharing 101:

    A) Most file sharing is done with the diliberate purpose of obtaining software that you otherwise would have to pay for.

    B) Everytime that you download from a stranger, it's akin to hanging a sign on your house that says, "All ghosts, goblins, spectres, demons, and any other undead entities are welcome here".

    C) Kazaa is stuffed with a bunch of spyware. Your problems started when you downloaded the program.

    D) If the person that you're downloading from didn't tag-on a little "nasty" for your computer to munch-on, it's possible that the person who he got it from did ... or the person before him ... or the person before him ... or the person before him ...

    E) The moral issue ... if you're downloading something from someone to avoid paying the person(s) who designed the program, you're a thief. The one exception to this is if it's a MicroSoft product, with a working "crack" serial number ... then you're COOL! J/K

    F) Always keep in mind that there are a lot of assholes out there that get their jollies by distributing the nastiest shyte they can get their hands on to as many people as possible. These are mostly teenagers with more knowledge than sense, and not a lick of remourse.

    G) The more expensive and popular the file is, the more likely that there's going to be a little "gift" coming with it. Guys like to use a good vehicle to spread their onslaught, one that will get a lot of takers.

    H) Why take the risk of downloading from strangers when there are so many other ways to obtain the software that you want, or a reasonable facsimile? Go to Webattack and check out the hundreds of freeware programs that are available. A lot of them are better than programs that you have to pay for! I have at least a dozen different freeware programs on my peecee that I found on Webattack, not just because they're free, but because they're GOOD!

    Obtaining software illegally is usually risky, and it's also ILLEGAL. There are often stiff fines for those who are convicted. Does that mean you'll get caught? Probably not. Does that mean that most most people don't do it? Nope, in fact over half of the software in use today which was "supposed" to have been paid for, has not been. Are there easy, totally safe ways to get expensive software without paying for it? Yup, no problem. Will I tell you how? Hell no.
  3. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    Uhh thanks for the lecture SonofSmog. However, I was downloading music, not software. Just like you, I think it is only right for the parties involved to get paid for their hard work(hell, I enjoy it). So I don't pirate software.
    I didn't know who nelly furtado was. I heard about her in a chat room. I downloaded a bunch of her songs, liked what I heard, I went and got the CD. Same thing with RemyShand.
    I wanted to get into organ, wanted to learn how it was done. I down loaded a bunch af Larry Goldings stuff(got the name out of Keyboard magazine). I liked what I heard, bought a bunch of CDs(tapes really) and decided to stick with guitar.
  4. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    back to the computing thing, what is the prefetch folder in the windows folder for. I am using XP
  5. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    Sorry, Bro, didn't mean for it to be a lecture. You wanted to know why you were having problems, and I explained it ... spyware which comes bundled with the Kazaa program. That's actually the least of your worries. If you download a song, or anything else that comes with a virus or a worm attatched to it, then you'll wish you'd just gone out and bought the CD in the first place. Right? That's my point. Just trying to give you good, useful advice! :)

    LOL a virus, worm, or any other nasties can also be attatched to a file you're downloading, thinking you're only getting a song.
    As far as downloading songs ... well ... it's cool that you ended up buying the CDs. Not everyone uses file sharing to simply audition songs to decide whether they want to buy a CD. I'm sure you're quite aware that a lot of people download thousands of songs so that they can avoid buying CDs altogether. It's really putting a hurt on the music industry.

    Even though you aren't file sharing software, you really should take a look at Webattack's huge listings of freeware. There's a lot of great stuff there! Anytime I use someone's freeware, I always send them an email of appreciation. It's just a nice gesture in return for their's.

    Good luck, Brother! I really do hope that the information within my "lecture" did provide answers that you were looking for.

  6. ellmorej

    ellmorej Guest

    Here is something that may help. It will get the crap off your comp. I use it every time I surf.

    RME Audios Tech FAQ site
  7. gtrmac

    gtrmac Guest

    Try this:


    It's a SpyWare Remover utility from Lavasoft. I use it once in a while and it usually finds some junk in my cookies files which I can delete.

    Good luck!
  8. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Yes, Adaware is a pretty usefull tool. It's what I use. However, using it to remove the spyware from KazaA will also render it inoperable. KazaA needs the cd_clint.dll file in order to run. So, just removing all the spyware off of your rig might not be an option. Unless......hehe....You know some totally awesome, spectacularly radical, trippindicular waycool guru empowered by the spirit of Ra with the fix. :D
  9. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    tundrkys, you got mail. Lemme know if you think that's better.

    When I minimize KazaA to the taskbar or system tray, I will get a single pop-up. I think the most I've had(leaving it running overnight) is three pop-ups. The fix totally kills the banners though.
  10. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    Oh, BTW, your e-mail addy is safe with me. If you don't mind I added you to my address book, for future reference. k?

    OMG WTF Esc not working

    THANKS, SUCKER!.....

    Wow! What was that? Oh well, prolly just a glitch from where I had my firewall turned off. Computers, go figure. LOL. :roll:
  11. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Empty the Temp folder, Empty your Temporary Internet folder. Clear your history. See if Kaaza has a temp folder or some type of cache folder.
    Most importantly of them all....
    Opus :roll:
  12. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    All good ideas Gary, but it's KazaA's "clint_cd.dll" app. ext. that does all that dirty work. The only 2 ways to stop it is to, well, stop using KazaA or delete that evil .dll. The 1st might be an option, but the second is not(if you want to continue to use it). KazaA needs it to run. I stumbled on a dummy file to replace it. It runs the same only no spyware. :D

    LOL I share the file on KazaA, but nobody has downloaded it from me. IIRC
  13. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    Kazaa Lite ... no spyware.
  14. Blutone

    Blutone Guest

    That's the way I would've went, if I didn't already have the full version installed. :roll: Hmmm...Still sounds like a good idea. lol
  15. Kemble

    Kemble Member

    Mar 4, 2002
    Hey Smawgson, :D You wrote this a few lines up: "It's really putting a hurt on the music industry."

    Please explain how this is true. I am not knowlegable enough to say it is or is not, but didn't some rapper (Fifty Cent) (nice use of the English language...) just sell 900 trillion CDs in one week or something like that?
    And, as a secondary disclaimer- I am a capitalist at heart. One problem with this file sharing stuff is that the government schools have taught entitlement to kids. And with that, they have erased capitalism and entreprenurism. (this country's indoctrination system- the public schools- don't teach the children of America the ecominic system of America. Thats nuts. ...a whole 'nother story for another time). Anyway- They don't understand that the only entitlement is the entitlement for the PRODUCER to get paid for his/her WORK. I GUARANTEE the moment 'downloader bob' writes a song or software he is going to be looking for the money, and will absolutely FLIP when he sees that everyone has it because someone cracked it and put it on Kazaa and he is picking bellybutton lint to pay for CD's to burn his MP3s to.

    So anyway...
    Do you really think the music 'industry' is suffering? I've sold 3 CDs this week. So I'm not feeling it... :D

  16. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    Small, local acts are generally unaffected by file-sharing.

    First of all, their songs aren't popular enough to have been included in thousands of peoples' shared folders.

    Secondly, people like to buy CDs from small local acts because they know that 100% of the money goes directly to the band, and not into the pockets of record companies and retailers. They know that it costs the band about a buck to burn the CD and that the rest of their cash goes directly to support their local heroes.

    I'm very surprised that you'd even ask how file-sharing hurts the industry. It's a multi-faceted problem that affects the entire chain of events...

    *A guy hears a song by a brand new band on the radio.

    *He goes on Kazaa and finds that hundreds of people already have it available for him to download, as well as the rest of the songs on the CD. He's happy because he just saved himself $15.

    *The band doesn't get the teenie percentage that they were entitled-to.

    *The record company doesn't get their percentage, therefore that's less money that their newly-signed artist has generated for them. The fewer CDs the new act sells, the less they are valued by the record company.

    *At the retail store, display space is allotted on the basis of the quantity of sales. Only the top-selling CDs are going to earn a space outside of the alphabetized rack. If a new band's songs are readily-available through file-sharing, then how are they supposed to grab the prime retail display space away from the "Big Names"? As a result, lack of prime retail display equates to even less CD sales. It becomes a vicious circle.

    *And what about the prestige and hype over "the amount of records sold"? A new band gets discouraged because they've only sold say 200,000 CDs. What they don't take into account, and what ISN'T counted by anyone, is the fact that there are probably MILLIONS of people who have downloaded their music for free and listen to it on a daily basis. Without file-sharing, that band may have otherwise been a million CD seller.

    *There are some minimal good points about file-sharing. Even though a band may not sell a lot of CDs, the file-sharing is actually free advertising which can cause greater ticket sales for live performances. This normally equates to more sales of band paraphernalia, generating profit which generally goes directly to the band. This can help the band to survive, but not to prosper nearly as much as they would if their songs weren't being freely distributed.

    *It is also possible that some newer bands who get very little radio play may gain greater popularity through file-sharing, again boosting ticket sales, which in turn could possibly attract a better record deal.

    *The few "positives" about file-sharing are definately out-weighed by the "negatives". There are more aspects of file sharing that could be discussed, but this covered the very basics.

    *When Metallica raised such a stink over Napster, they made it clear that they were doing it for the lesser-known artists. Some criticized and claimed that they did it for their own selfish reasons, but I disagree. Metallica already had their fame, fortune, and prime retail display space. They already had "a name". Napster wasn't going to make or break them, but they fought because they knew that file-sharing was ruining the chance for up and coming artists to have the opportunity at success that they'd had.
  17. Kemble

    Kemble Member

    Mar 4, 2002
    I'm full of suprises, Sonofsmawg.

    I asked for two reasons- (will this downgrade some of the suprise?)

    Oh, sidebar: I am aware than there are no 'Catalyst' (the best uppermiddleclasswhitecollar rappers in America...!) in anyone's shared folder. And I know that local stuff isn't effected. And if I chose to (as if someone is beating down my door to sign us...) go with the system in place with a big company, I'd be spitting nails to see/hear my music out there, and have no cash in my pocket for it. "music for the sake of music" is nice, but: Idealism and "I just want people to here me sing the song that is in my heart" is out the door with other b.s. leftisms that crept into my head during college. Creating music is an investment of time, money, sweat, and soul. And I want to be paid for it. So, YES, I agree with you. Never didn't.

    I asked because:
    1) I figured you were very knowlegable about the subject and could more specifically explain how the industry is effected. Which you did very thoroughly.

    2) I figured not everyone knows the answer, like I didn't completely, and having you explain it would provide knowlege to readers of this forum.

    Oh, and 3) I like to suprise people with apparently silly questions.

    As a furthering of the questioning, is there data that supports that CD sales are down? And if so, is Enron's accounting firm involved in the calculation?

    I bet you're SHOCKED I asked that one!

    :p: Jeff
  18. Kemble

    Kemble Member

    Mar 4, 2002
    Here's something to think about.
    Some selections from
    "Most Recent Popular Keywords Searched on Major Search Engines" as of today.
    Rank Word # of requests
    26 Kazaa 41833
    28 Mp3 40297
    48 free music download 30501
    69 morpheus 24729
    72 American Idol :D

  19. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    That list doesn't surprise me at all. I'll bet there is more illegal software use than legal software use. About a month ago, I read somewhere that 70% of all software used is being used illegally.

    When hacked "foolproof" expensive software is there for the taking, most people just will not turn it down. It's like, if someone walked up to you on the street , handed you $700, and just walked away, would you turn your nose up at it? How many people would throw it on the ground and walk away? Well, expensive software is there for the taking. There aren't many programs out there that you CAN'T get for free, one way or the other.

    So here's a morality quiz ... see what you would do...

    You really want a piece of software, but it's five hundred dollars. You save up the cash on the side for a few months to get it. In the meantime, your "significant other" is working a lot and frequently complains "I really need a vacation".

    The day that you finally have enough money saved for your software, a friend calls you on the phone just to chit-chat. You mention that you've been saving money for months for this software, and that you're going down to the store to buy it later in the day . Your friend says, "I have a copy of that. Come on over and I'll burn you a copy and give you the crack code for it".

    NOW ... do you decline and inform your friend that you'd rather pay $500 for the legal version? OR, do you jump in the car, go get the software from your friend, then take your significant other on a real nice weekend getaway with the money saved? That surprise would make you a total hero, wouldn't it?

    SO ... what would you do?

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not encouraging software piracy. I'm simply discussing the morality of the phenomenon of file sharing. This is a valid topic of discussion and should not be ignored or treated as a taboo subject. If you do not wish to contribute to the discussion, that's fine, but please do not condemn those of us that simply wish to debate the phenomenon.
  20. SonOfSmawg

    SonOfSmawg Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    Double post.

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