Waldorf Rack Attack Help!!!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Shack, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Shack

    Shack Guest

    I'm really praying someone out there understands how to use it. The guys in the shop don't even get it, the manual is just so unhelpful and cryptic. There seems nowhere else to turn to.

    What I want to do is use one midi channel for a drum kit and use another midi channel for a polyphonic lead. According to the manual, I am supposed to be able to do this, but I just cannot figure it out. I've tried everything!! I'm getting the damn thing receiving from whichever channel I record stuff on.

    I am supposed to be able to use one midi channel for the first 12 sounds and use another for any sound from the second 12 sounds.

    Please please let there be someone out there who can help me.

    p.s. This is the hardware version
  2. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    The first place to take this question is to the waldorf userforum at http://waldorf.synth.net/userforum.html

    Say hello to Till Kopper from me! :D
  3. Shack

    Shack Guest

    Thanks Electro, i've tried them in the past with no joy, but desperate as I am now, I think i'll give it another go, heck, i'll try anything right now! Seems i'm the only one that bought them blasted units. When I posted on the Waldorf forum, I didn''t get one single response.

    Thanks again.
  4. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    They didn´t answer your post? Weird.. This doesn´t quite compute..
    That list is the kind of place where you get too much help rather than none.. :D

    You can try to post somewhere at http://electro-music.com/forums too.
  5. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    I checked the list right now, and it seems you are getting answers..

  6. Shack

    Shack Guest

    In all fairness, this is going back about 18 months or so, so they could be more efficient now.
    I've just re-joined and sent out a plea for help.

  7. elektro80

    elektro80 Guest

    The list has moved between servers. That might be the reason you did not get any replies the first time. :D

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