Want to start making music, but I'm not sure how

Discussion in 'Recording' started by 666am, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Sep 8, 2013
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    Ok, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm trying to start making music similar to Wavves, like the first two albums. He said he ran a Tascam 4 track into a MacBook and used GarageBand as well. I'm not really sure how any of those work at all and I need help knowing how to get the same sound as he has(distortion etc), how to get set up, edit everything, etc bc I am completely new to this and have no idea what I'm doing and I don't want to **** it up. So if you guys could like help me out a little bit and tell me what I need to purchase etc I would be really thankful!!

    If you're not familiar with any songs listen to "Teenage Super Party", "The Boys Will Love Us", "Friends Were Gone", "California Goths" they should all be on YouTube :)
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    sounds like they used high gain levels into the tape machine, and the drummer hit the cymbols way too loud (cali goths), the cymbols sounds overdubbed almost. they have some dort of a harmonizer/phase/flanger effect pn the vocals, like the old trick of using a pitch shifter in stereo, +cents on one side - cents on the other.

    ultra fuzz, maybe a big muff on the guitar probably a 57 on the speaker. they take some cues from queens of the stone age. in my opinion the particular type of saturation your talking about is tough to get, unless your using a teac/tascam (otherwise trashy tape recorder). even then. it's not just blast everything, like a gain knob on a tube amp ther are steady levels that occur. i wouldn't overblow the mixers input inless it sounded cool, alot of time is sounds like 'breakup' w/ skips/clicks/pops not saturation.

    they definatly over dub on there inital 4 track, that is for sure. the parts that just stick out, ( not in a bad way) cleanly i doubt were tracked at once. on 'beach goth' they just went to crazy long on the intro man, fugazi made noise tracks too.

    chances are they used an old mixer w/ some tansoremers in it, a ragged tape machine like the tascam 34, a kick snare oh mic, uber fuzzed/compress bass and guitar, and hopfully left an open tape track for vocals. and then over drove them.

    it's not digital 'clipping' we're hearing for the most part, just clever overdrives/distortions on the way into the computer. just my humble assessment on laptop speakers
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    Thx so much for replying, I didn't think anyone would!! He did all of this himself in his parents house just messing around and $*^t, it kind of just blew up. I have no idea what a lot of what you said means tho? I am not rlly knowledgable on music talk or w/e lol! in some interview in 2009 he said “I just use a Mac computer and the trial version of Garageband that came with it. I ran a Tascam 4 track into the computer in the beginning, but I don’t really have any recording equipment.” Do you know of anyway I can do tht? I mean I don't want to completely copy him - I know what I wanna do but I just really dig his sound/ whole set up I guess and I'm really bored and am kind of just doing this for myself rlly

    this could help probably? w-a-v-v-e-s, Do you know what type of gear and pedals Nathan uses?
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    It's very tough to help you at this point because you are in such a beginner's phase of this.. actually you're a beginning beginner..LOL

    I don't mean any offense by this.

    But without a general working knowledge of recording - and at least being a little bit savvy in computerized recording, you really have such a long way to go.

    This is kinda similar to not knowing what a brake pad is and walking into a mechanic's shop and asking him to explain the workings of an engine.

    There's so much to know...

    As far as ******* it up, well, you're gonna. Lots. But this is one way we learn, to make mistakes... and learn from them.

    Now, that certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't do this for fun, and part of that fun is the exploration, the journey, and learning things on your own...and the things you do learn on your own you'll retain much more than if someone tells you how to do it.

    You should start by scouring forums such as this one for basic knowledge; do a LOT of reading and research...

    Familiarize yourself with audio interfaces and what they do, along with a recording platform and how it works...microphones, synthesizers, soft synths, gain structure, EQ, dynamic processors... and then come back and ask your questions... we'll be glad to help with specifics.

    Look for classes in your area on basic computer audio; sometimes colleges will have classes you can take without being an enrolled student. Music stores will often have seminars as well. Recording studios will often hold classes, and you could always buy a few hours at a studio and talk with the engineer on staff about it.
    Go in prepared with a list of questions - everything from "how did they get this sound" to "how do I do ______?"

    If you can find a private tutor, either in person or online, this would also be of great benefit.

    I have a list of very good, very experienced, private online instructors that I know personally that could help you if you are interested and willing to spend a few bucks. PM me if you would like this list.

    Good Luck.


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