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    Would you like to make more money with your music skills?

    We are currently accepting applications for writers of online music courses.

    In summary, you will receive the equivalent of company stock from a major online Musicians' community.
    With the endorsements we have already received, and an assembled marketing team in place, you are also guaranteed world-wide exposure and credit for your work.

    An ideal lesson is fun and interesting to read, as well as informative. The lessons are progressive and will span approximately 6 months on a weekly basis. Therefore, we are seeking writers who can appeal to beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with diagrams, and sound clips.

    Lessons in all instruments are being accepted (including voice.) All applicants will be responded to promptly.

    If interested, please send your sample lesson NOW to jwruns2@hotmail.com.

    Feel free to pass this along to your musician friends, who might also have an interest in this incredible, limited opportunity.

    (Due to contract, we can not release the company identity prior to our marketing campaign, beginning in just 6 weeks.)

    Thank you!
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