wanting to record live music stages onto mac g4 please help

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by metamark, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. metamark

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    Hi thank you for any help as i am new to recording(this site rocks) I am a stage manager for a small production company and have only a mac g4 with digi pro 5 . 1)can I record right off a soundbaord with rca into mic jack and use digi pro? 2)what equipment and programs will i need to record a quality recording without the chance of losing a set? Thank you very much, i am truly blessed to hear amazing music i cant let it go unrecorded any longer. God(s) bless newbe
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    >>i am truly blessed to hear amazing music i cant let it go unrecorded any longer<<

    First of all you have to sort out ALL the legal issues related to recording music and performances which you do not own.

    After that, I'd suggest you look for a USED MOTU 2408MKII (with the PCI card) on EBay or elsewhere. These are usually found for around $150-250. Connecting your mixing board to those will give you MUCH better sound than going directly into your G4 soundcard.
  3. metamark

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    thanks, ... still learning legalities. its the bands music, nothing happens without their permission. Appreciate the reminder and the lead.
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    You could get a mackie 1640 onxy and go firewire into something like logic express it would maybe cost you 2000 for everything and this way you have total control of all the traxs to get the best sounding live recorded mix. If you want to go the really cheap route then just get logic express or peak, but you will never get the quality that you want
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I think everybody's suggestion here is a little sad?

    I specialize in a lot of live recording. I do a lot of things direct to 2 track, from a PA board at times. LESS IS MORE so if you don't abuse your equalization for PA purposes, your mixes can sound perfectly lovely without the need to multitrack. Sure, having a nice multitrack sound card is cool but not a necessity for your live archival recording purposes. After all, nobody is handing you $20,000 for these recordings and I wouldn't give a crap about the legal nonsense. It's not applicable unless you intend to market and sell the recordings. It's not legal for politicians to lie but they do it anyhow.

    Now recording live is fine if you're a good live mixer. If you're not, it will sound crappy and no multi-tracking will improve poor technique.

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    Nov 29, 2005
    Interesting point :

    If you intend to market and sell recordings, do you need only the approval of the band?
    Considering the band is OK, you record the show, then you mix it...got the the mastering phase etc...and then you sell it.
    Could the venue ask you something? ($$$ speaking)

    Here I'm talking about a band who could sell 1000 copies or more.

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