Wanting to record loud aircraft!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Unregistered, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Hi there!
    Hoping my post is relevant to this forum but I'm looking to record aircraft..loud aircraft...as in fighter jets at quite close range.
    I'm on a relatively low budget and I'm looking for a piece of kit that is relatively portable.

    Is there an audio recorder with a good built in mic or a mic I can buy that will cope with very loud volumes and not distort. I'm sick of my video footage being distorted so it's time I start recording footage seperately.

    Hope you can help?

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    As a fan of startup and flyby videos I feel your pain. I would try a Shure SM57 since they often used in high SPL applications like a couple of inches off a snare drum. They are also quite common so you should be able to borrow or rent one before buying. An inline attenuator might also be a good idea. But if the mic's diaphragm can't handle the levels no amount of attenuation later in the signal path will help.
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    Also, if you are recording separately, you can place the mic farther away or even place a baffle in front of the diaphragm. An F22 likely is putting out upwards of 140-170 dB at takeoff. VTOL would be slightly higher.

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    For a battery-powered portable set, I would try a pair of Shure SM57s on stands in a spaced configuration (5 - 7 ft apart) feeding the XLR inputs of a Zoom H4N. Unlike the built-in electrets on the H4N, the SM57s will cope with SPLs in excess of 150dB. I couldn't be the recordist at levels greater than that, even with a good set of ear defenders.
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    Some good suggestions there!
    Im liking the look of the Zoom H4N but are there any other similar devices at lower prices?

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