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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by grandpiano, Apr 4, 2005.

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    When I finish my mastering in Nuendo or Wavelab, my file size shows between 30.1 mb to 56.0mb, but when I click my mouse on others song from cd's, the file size only be around 3.44mb to about 7.21mb for a 3 to 4 minute song, is there a reason why my wave files be so big in size?
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    3-7MB is about the right size for MP3 files. Are the other files you are referring to MP3's? MP3 uses lossy data compression, and shrinks the filesize GREATLY at the expense of grainy audio.

    It appears you are comparing Wave files (from Nuendo) to MP3 files from your MP3 Jukebox?

    FYI - A Redbook CD-R will hold 650MB of data. Consider 10 songs fill up a CD, an average song can be from 30MB-80MB at 44.1K 16Bit. Lots of data there - that is why they came up with MP3 in the first place :wink: .

    Don't worry about filesize. Keep the un-compressed Wave quality, and pick up a 200 Gig HD for like $79. Done + room to spare.

    Later :cool:
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    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would recommend reading a couple of mastering books. Some of your questions, well all of them, seem a bit naive. You have some good gear and I would recommend learning more about what the theory is before any specific info on gear. Bob Katz's book is good. also reading past threads are good too. Most important is to use your ears and not your eyes.
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    This can't be said enough times!!
    If you do this and listen to a lot of different music you will be a step ahead.
    Bob's book is great as a brief introduction, but the general feeling and eager to learn about music/audio is what's most important. There is much information buried in decades of music you just have to pay attention when you listen to it.
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    yupp, learning to listen is vital.

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