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  1. synergy

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    ok, my problems with nuendo have been fixed with the help of norton cleansweep and reinstalling it into another folder.
    i'm looking for a sampler which isn't merely a synthesizer like the cuurent plugs, but just does what a sampler basically should do imo-looping samples!
    is there any softwaresampler out there where i can use the tons of WAV-samples i have-as far as i can see, neither the halion nor the emagicsampler accept plain and stupid wav-files!
    does anyone know a sampler that does, or is there any other way to use my samples?

  2. LittleJames

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    Nov 9, 2001
    The Halion does allow you to import wave files in several different ways.
    Open Halion, go to options and click on import, or from the keyzone macro right click in the window above the key where you want to place the sample and select import sample.
    Find the folder where you left keep your samples and voila.
    I use the halion all the time for wave samples.

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