Wavelab 4.0 w/ Magneto?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by JSOUND, Mar 28, 2002.


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    Wavelab 4.0 w/ Magneto?
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    Anyone using Wavelab 4.0 to master with? What's your opinion of it? And what do think of the Magneto plugin? This setup looks like a winner, feedback please!!

  2. adam_w1

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    Steinberg in the UK treated me like a red headed step child (and kept my money) when I tried to move my once highly used Magneto over to TDM..

    Magneto is a multiplatform plugin, supporting Windows, mac & TDM (I'm looking at the box)..except when they decide to screw you over and it isn't really.

    So, I.M.O don't use or become dependent on anything they make in a professional arena as they will shaft you at some point and no amount of email, calls or faxes will help you.
  3. adam_w1

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    ...10 years of dedicated Cubase use too !

    I'll stop now..DUY DAD Tape & McDSP Analog Channel 2 are both very good tape emulations.. Not sure what formats they come in apart from TDM.
  4. Tony C

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    AMEN to that!!! And to think what they're charging for Nuendo

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