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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by bassout, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. bassout

    bassout Guest

    I'm not a sound engineer and therefore I do plan on taking my finished project to a professional to be mastered.

    However, with music being my growing hobby, I do want to invest the time and money (self-education) in learning more about the mastering process.

    Has anyone used Steinberg's Wavelab Essential Mastering software? Wavelab 5 looks pretty awsome, but I'm not on that level yet... I just want something to get started on.
  2. Ed Littman

    Ed Littman Guest

    This is a basic quote from the author of the program.

    "In a few words:
    WaveLab / WaveLab Essential:
    Audio CD burning is more complete and flexible
    Full Audio Montage (multi track, clip plugins, and many other features) VS very simplified Audio Montage.
    Master Section: 8 slots vs 4 slots
    Automated file cutting tool
    More plugins (eg. Denoiser, Declicker, Multiband compressor, UV22, etc...)
    More real time meters (FFT, phase scope, wave scope, bit meter)
    Integrated backup system
    Audio database

    So Yes...go for it.

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