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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by thedug, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. thedug

    thedug Guest

    I am just curious how other folks are using wavelab?

    I tried using montage but it seems to take longer, because if there is a problem with one song you have to re-render the entire montage. Also, it always seems like a compromise to set master effects (EQ, Limiting, etc) so that they work for all songs in the montage.

    There is what I've come up with.
    1) Nuendo -> mix to high res file (44.1k 32bit) I have 48k files now, but mixing to 44.1k lets me easily rip a reference cd from a montage.
    3) These files all get printed to a mixes directory in a "highRes" subdirectory. I copy them to a "cd" subdirectory and build the montage ontop of that.
    4) I can burn a quick reference and I can start mastering
    5) Open each file indivdualy in wavelab. Add all master fx except for dither. Render in place because I already have the back-up in the "highRes" directory. This will also update my montage if I have already created it.
    7) Open the montage(or create it). Perform fades and dither.
  2. launchpad67a

    launchpad67a Guest

    Your method seems fine to me. Whatever works for you, I say!
    I use WL everyday but I go about it slightly different.
    When I do the final mixes of my songs (before mastering) I include all fades and everything relavent to the song. So when I transfer to WL, I just have to "master", add shine, set levels, ect... I never use the montage in WL, I'm sure its great though. I find rendering each song individualy works well for me. After all, every song is different. All I concern myself with is to get each song at the same level and sounding similar.
    Also, I dither each song as I render. So when I burn my final master, I just set-up the cd tracks in the proper order and burn away!!

    Just my method.

  3. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    Mike, I use your method as well, although I do my fades in WL also...
  4. thedug

    thedug Guest

    Dude... I just found out that in montage, you can add effect to individual tracks. Right click and add effect. You can even right click and render file.

    It is just like working in individual windows excpet that you can A/B to songs very easily to make sure that things stay consistent. I am totally sold on montage after today.

    I have had some people reply to my posts saying not to burn straight from a montage with effects, that you should render it to a new montage and then burn.

    Don't know if you have pdf, but you can read more about it here :
  5. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    The Montage is basically Mastering all the songs that will be on a CD together at the same time.?. But the down side is they all have to be at the same sample rate... that being 44.1 if you want to burn to cd. Correct?
    I thought the only benefit to recording at a high sample rate was that effects (plugins) will have more info to work w/ and will give more detail. So wouldn't you want the high sample rate in the montage (w/ master effects)? Also... In the manual when it asks if you want to render the Whole montage at once... would it still create separate files for each track? Or if it makes one long track is there info for track count when burning a CD. (so on the CD player you can skip to song 1 2 3 ect... )

    I have been curious about the montage for months, having heard people talk about it, but for me... lack of time to learn it... long story short, I'm 3 months out (w/ a broken wing) and one of my priorities w/ this time off is to truly learn Wavelab... ironically I just stumbled on to this thread. :c:

  6. locust

    locust Guest

    I also mix to HiRes - then "master" each file separately i WL.

    I find that the Montage function gets used a lot for two reasons:

    1) When all songs are mixed/mastered it's an easy A/B/C-listening test making sure that the songs are in the same ballpark soundwise.

    2) When the band making a recording wants sound in the pauses between songs or crossfades between songs. For this, the montage is very fast and extremely usable.

    Need I say I do recordings for bands on a small budget who burn CD's themselves...

    /Henrik, Uppsala
  7. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    The montage window in Wavelab does not care what sample rate the files are in, although you may be right that they all need to be the *same* sample rate...
  8. thedug

    thedug Guest

    All the files in the montage have to be the same sample rate. It doesn't care what the bit rate is.

    Also, the montage has to be 44.1k to burn cds.

    But it is also unadvised to burn a cd straight from a montage with effects.

    The suggested usage is to settup a montage for the sample rate that you recorded the files. Then put your effects on each clip. EQ, DS, Compression, etc prolly wants to go on individual clips. Then Dither, maybe limiting, can go on the master fx.

    If you want, you can render each clip/file independently. But the important thing is to render the entire montate to another 44.1k montage(even it is already a 44.1k montage you are working in). This will print all the fx and edits to a new montage. Make sure to check "copy markers" then you can burn your cd from this montage.

    Working this way is very similar to the individual file approach, except it makes A/B'ing the different songs alot easier.

  9. thedug

    thedug Guest

    Yes. But you can run a high res montage then render down to 44.1k. You want to render before burn if you are running fx anyway.
    When you render it will render to 1 long file. But if you select render to montage and copy markers it will create a montage which contains that one file and your markers so that you can burn a cd with appropriate track locations.

    The big eye opener for me was that you can apply effects to indidivual tracks and also render indivual tracks
  10. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    thedug... hey thanks for the pm! yes I did some reading last night and it's making more sense. I got thrown off way back when, i read someone saying they use Montage to mix & well they obviously didn't know what they were doing & it didn't make much sense, so I stayed in my hole...

    To me hiRes is 88.2 & 96, I wouldn't waste the time w/ 48. I record a combo of 24bit & 32TT (true tape)44.1. I'm in the process of expanding a bit and plan on doing higher quality projects... now that I've been at the DAW for a few years... I feel I might have something to offer. I've mostly used it as a sketch pad and demo for pre studio work, while I've been building up and schooling my ears.

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