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    Hay all,

    I am doing my first master in WL and I have run into some issues with Markers. I created a Montage, inserted 6 audio clips and ran the CD wizard which created all the markers (I have tried manually creating markers as well). When I check the Markers under the Markers tab in the Montage window they all appear correct. I configure the Master section with the appropriate VST Plug - In's and Dither, I then render the track using the following options

    Whole Montage
    Copy Markers
    Create new Montage
    Create CD

    WL Renders the files accordingly however in the CD Burn list the Marker Start and End times are all over the place. The first track is 5 min long, the Start and Stop markers reflect Start 00:00:00 Stop 13:23:00. Successive tracks are not in time sequence meaning track three Starts at 07:13:00. When I burn the CD the first two track play however the fist track actually contains all of track one, all of track two and part of track three. At some point the CD stops playing and produces very annoying digital noise (I believe that is a result of the out of sequence marker).

    I tried redoing this several times with no difference. When I create a CD using Basic CD the CD is burned correctly. I am using Wavelab 5.0. Any thoughts?
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    Suggest posting this in the Wavelab Forum here: http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=414f6a3c4509e1b704978818ed281f2d

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