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    waves 3.0 is now online, has anyone updated yet?

  2. Originally posted by audiokid:
    waves 3.0 is now online, has anyone updated yet?

    YES !! 3.0 seems to be a slight cosmetic updating of all the previous GOLD plugs. Some of the graphical changes I like Some I haven't really decided.

    But the big addition for me is the multiband processor. This thing is great. 4 bands completely programmable with some really decent presets built in.

    I had recently posted on the DUC that I had created a quazi multiband finalizer type mastering tool kit from several different waves plugs, as a result of some great tips from other DUC members. But the new multiband C-4 is much much better.

    I've now created a mastering session in PT with a Q-10 paragraphic, fed into the C-4, then out of the C-4 then into a PAZ analyzer, then into a Ren Comp, then into the L-1. And now I can squeeze the living crud out of any mix, or use different parts of that little combination to tweek any mix into a nice smooth sounding piece.

    I'm not sure what the C-4 by itself is selling for, but it alone was worth the $200 I coffed up for the upgrade.

    I haven't experimented with the new Ren Reverberator yet at all.

    And the Paragraphic interface I don't care for. The new version is "squattier" & less defined, Using the digits in the boxes you can pretty much dial in what you want but the curve itself is not as clear because of a smaller screen and larger indicator boxes. But it's still pretty much the same Paragraphic.

    I just got the upgrade a couple days ago & have only had a limmitted about of time to work with it. I'll have some free time later tonite to toy with the other changes. I'll let y'all know what else I learn.

    FWIW my setup is G4-450, 512 meg ram, Digi001, Que CD-RW, Waves Gold, Antares Autotune, NEC MS 1810 monitor.

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