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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by eddiesound, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. eddiesound

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    Has anyone heard this guitar tool rig by waves? It is nothing short of astounding! I saw a video by googling waves gtr. This guitar player from the spin doctors demonstated it. There truly is nothing at all like it out there. I would be willing to bet it is a real processor killer, but they do make a waves accelorator that should handle it. $900 for HD and $450 for LE. The accelorator is around $1200. :shock:
  2. tonybran

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    yea i got it a few weeks ago, its not too bad ...its still not the same thing as having the actual amps and recording them, but its a whole lot cheaper and easier.... i think it's much better than amplitude, more options and freedom,...but then again you'll find people who think the opposite and love amplitude, ..and lastly you'll find purist who don't like either :) and just stick to recording the amps and cabs, ...which i would be if i actually had money for that
  3. wavline1820m

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    i am with you on the amp thing. i agree totally you want, and great guitar tone, you need great guitar amps, and great guitars. that being, said, i use a pod 2.0 and go direct wit that, and i get some decent sounding stuff. much better than the plugs.

    NI have the guitar combos, which are pretty cool, and there is guitar rig, which is really good as well

    i would like to check this new waves plug out however....

    i am a plugin junkie.....

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