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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jahtao, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Just bought waves musician's bundle 2 fro $200. Sick of not having REQ & Ren Compressor on my newer Mac, Logic Pro, Tiger system. I double checked the email i got from their technical support ages ago, typos and bad grammar. About 5.0 vs 5.2 versions of these plugins. I am tired and ill. So i buy. And they dont pass Logic's AuVal. I can't ude 'em. I am now waiting to hear back from tech support to see if they do refunds. Bollocks.
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    easy tiger...

    IGNORE IT!, yes i say ignore it. waves is a bit slugish updating their software... it's totally minor!!!

    here is what you do... run logics validation test, it will tell you that they are invalid, now just click manually all the waves plugs in the AU manager list... and fire up logic, ok, everytime during start-up it will say that you are using invalid plugs, danger of loosing data, blah, blah, don't worry it will harm absolute nothing (it really does not affect the performance at all!!!), untill waves moves their butt to fix the little "problem" it has nothing to do with the actual performancce, it's some little thingy to make the use of cracked plugs more difficult i guess, and not all 3rd party developer did their job to adjust in time...

    ah, they will also show up if you click in an insert point as "invalid" in the list IGNORE...

    i have the same with some of the wrapped VSTs using FXpansions wrapper... IGNORE, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL EITHER!!

    i use them. and some others, too.

    i know that you are pissed off with the fact of spending 200 dollar for product from one of the biggest 3rd party software developers outhere, and it ain't working propperly... to be honest me too. but on the other hand i have stopped to be a SLAVE of the update war, otherwise i would end up spending more time updating and installing, etc. then actually working with music, if it works i leave it the way it is... untill their is a REAL need to change.

    ok i can't give you a full guarantee... but i use them since logic 7 is out and never had any problems whatsoever... earning my living from it.

    p.s. even waves4 works totally fine under logic 7 that way... no performance issues, just the stupid validation.
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    the man's a genius people, a genius : ))))))))))))
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    :D take it easy, just trying to help.

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