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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Allen Hallada, Jan 23, 2002.

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  1. I've posted this on the Digidesign forum and got back some surprising responses. There were alot of people that not only thought it was a great mastering tool, but also the best front end to ProTools. A/D was co-developed with Hutch from Manley Labs. Has anyone A/B'd them to the RME, Lucid or Apogee lineup? Also, has anyone A/B'd it to the L2 plugin. I love that plugin by the way.
  2. Marc Edwards

    Marc Edwards Active Member

    Oct 4, 2000
    This is all based on reading, not listening (that's not a good start, is it?!?!?)... but it seems:

    RME is very close, if not better than AD8000.
    Lucid is not worse than RME, but different.
    The L2 is a great converter (up there with anything), and can help stop overs on the way in.
    And the Hedd is the $*^t.

    I'll be having a VERY close listen to the Hedd as soon as budget allows.

  3. mixfactory

    mixfactory Active Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    I own and use both the Hedd 192khz and the L2 extensively. You can't compare the converters, because the Hedd blows the L2 out of the water. The L2 converters are decent though for the price. Compared to lets say an Apogee PSX, I think I still liked the Apogee a little bit better(but this was pop music for what its worth). The L2 is still a worth while piece, but it wouldn't be just my only converter. I use it digital in and out only.
  4. brad

    brad Guest

  5. Ok Brad,
    You convinced me on the HEDD. Now how does the new Digi PTHD 192K compare to the HEDD, or I wonder if they just co-developed with Crane Song. That was my original thought when I first heard of the PTHD 192 coming out. Makes sense that since Nuendo teamed with Apogee and RME that Digi would stay up a notch by combining efforts with Crane Song. Or maybe Digi is more hardware focused than Steinberg to be able to produce their own high quality converter. Anyone bought the PTHD 192 yet and pulled it apart to check the specs. Yea right!
    Ok, case closed.

    Thanks Brad.

  6. brad

    brad Guest

  7. Hey Brad,
    Results are starting to trickle into the Digi forum on the new PTHD. We finally have our first real world experience with the PTHD 192. So far so good. I found out that Ed Meitner has helped in the development of this unit on the A/D end. I don't even know who he is, but I'm sure you do.
    Enlighten us Mastering Master.
    Allen :D
  8. brad

    brad Guest

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