ways of recording bass direct in

Discussion in 'Bass' started by tongpo2000, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. tongpo2000

    tongpo2000 Guest

    Alright, now for my next pathetic newbie question.

    I would like to put bass down on a project i'm doing, but i don't have a bass
    amp. Just a bass guitar i borrowed from my cousin. I'm using the e-mu
    1820m and cubase to record.

    If i recorded the bass direct in through the e-mu audio dock. Is there some
    kind of bass vst\plugin or effect i could slap on it to give it distortion?

    Are there any programs that emulate bass amplifiers on a PC? I thought i heard of one for guitar but i can't remember the name. Something like a pod but for the PC, and just for bass.

    Anyway thanks in advance for any help. This forum has already been extremely helpful to me.
  2. StevenColbert

    StevenColbert Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    I do not know the answer to your question, however I would suggest that you record the distorted bass parts during tracking, rather than trying to get them that way later. And a bass POD could work nicely for you. I would comment more, but I do not use the same setup as you are using. Good luck
  3. paul_dumbell

    paul_dumbell Guest

    probably a bit late to reply and you already have the take down I suppose, but heres my two cents worth. Try a decent preamp to get the signal a bit hotter...i.e. dont plug straight into your sound card. Compress it a bit(if you have a non plug in compressor). Then slap that puppy with amplitube with the bass settings "driven 15". You will have to roll the bass off of the "amp" probably.
    here is an example of a band i recorded with this method
    i used a v76 preamp and a u73 compressor with some crappy ibenez bass
    good luck
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