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Discussion in 'Computing' started by outtram, Jul 9, 2002.

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    Dont know if anyone else is having this problem. But l get an error message saying "'One or more sound cards do not support stereo" l searched on cakewalk site and found the below soloution .

    but l cant find the (wdm)(microsoft) driver. Any suggestions?

    Due to a bug in the current Creative Labs WDM drivers, we recommend that users revert to the Microsoft WDM driver that ships with Windows 2000 and XP. Users experiencing the error 'One or more sound cards do not support stereo' in SONAR when using the Creative WDM drivers under Windows 2000 or XP will need to do the following;

    Right click "my computer"
    Left click on the "Properties" selection
    Click on the tab labeled "Hardware"
    Click on the button labeled "Device Manager"
    Click the plus next to "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers"
    Double click "Creative SB Live! (WDM)"
    Click on the tab labeled "Driver"
    Click the "Update Driver" choice.
    Click on "install from list or specific location (advanced)
    Then Click next.
    Click "Don't Search, I will chose the device to install"
    Then click next.
    Select "Creative SB Live! (WDM) (Microsoft)
    Click Next.
    When the files have finished copying from "Next" click FINISH.
    Close out of the device manager and reboot the computer.
    This ought to handle it!

    CakeWalk downloads
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