Press Release We Love You Dark Matter By Dark Room Notes, album out now!

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    Dark Room Notes began life as a group of guitar-obsessed teenage boys in the west of Ireland, bashing out cover versions of their heroes' hits in their parents' dusty basements, while trying to find their own niche in the world of music. Gradually tastes changed, the musical outlets offered by a small town on the edge of Europe began to feel stale, members came and went and a synth-pop sound was developed into their own unique style.

    In a fashion contrary to the genre of music, DRN write songs about real life, sometimes sombre, sometimes happy, reflecting on things from drinking, seduction, frustration and Burmese monks. Although the infectious synths & beats might give a different view.

    The band's live reputation has propelled them forward to attract attention far and wide, and led them to support slots with big name Electronic acts such as Kraftwerk, Ladytron, Calvin Harris, Carl Craig & Soulwax. More recently they debuted at CMJ in New York.

    Follow the link for a free download of a song from the album, Love Like Nicotine: 05 Track 05.m4a Track 05.m4a


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