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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by 2db, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. 2db

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    It took awhile to build the site and the studio. I opened the doors a few months ago and have been recording mostly jazz.

    I never knew how much went into building a room. My next project is to build a drum booth, right now everyone is playing in an open room.

    Just wondering how some of you who don't have a drum booth are isolating drums?


  2. Greener

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    Have you thought about isolating the guitars from the drums? I know there is probably more than just guitars going on, trumpets or whatever... But recording in the room with the drummer, not through a window of a booth but in the actual room adds a lot to the feel of a piece.

    You can build iso cabs for amps and cut scratch vocal tracks than can be redone later, without the drum bleed.

    Drums sound better in bigger rooms.
  3. 2db

    2db Guest

    Just wondering if you are close micing the drums, if so how does that play into the size of a room? I may just build a couple small iso for a horn and upright bass maybe vocals...


  4. Greener

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    I mostly close mic drums when I get the chance.
    However, you cannot close mic overheads. They will be full of the room, and they should be for the proper shimmer and brilliance from the cymbals. Too many fast reflection and you end up with scooped cymbals.

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