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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fstfwd74, Dec 29, 2005.

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    I am looking for an entertainment lawyer that is familiar with what the current requirements are regarding internet radio in the United States. More specifically in regards to royalties.

    I have looked around on the web, and the most recent news article I have found was from six months ago when there was some debate over who webcasters owe royalties to.

    This is not the only question I've had about the legal side of entertainment, so I would prefer responses that point me to a legal representative. I mean no disrespect to other people here but if something unfortunate happens down the road, telling the judge "But some guy I don't know on an internet forum told me..." probably won't stand up in court.
  2. fstfwd74

    fstfwd74 Guest

    Figures... I have trouble finding it for a while, and then once I ask somebody I finally find the info on my own.

    Thanks anyway.
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    I may be of some assitance if you let me know from what angle you are entitled to royalties, Are you a songwriter, a music publisher, a performer, or record producer? There are organisations that are responsible for the licensing and collection of license fees for the use of copyrighted material on internet radio.

    You dont need a legal representitive to let you know what the current requirements are regarding royalties and internet radio. Those requirements are enacted by the state via an independent commitee attached to the Library of congress. These requirements change from time to time. All US performance rights organisations are very familiar and up to date with financaial compensation with reference to webcasting.

    My question to you is, are you a member of a performance right organisation in the US???
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    It appears I was a bit vague in my explanation. I'm actually looking at this from the perspective of the webcaster, not anyone who may receive royalties from their material being webcast. We don't have a station setup yet, but we want to be legitimate about it if and when we do. One of the best sources of information I've found is located here:


    I believe I have found the necessary information during my search yesterday, assuming that sites such as the RIAA have the most recent information listed on their website. That being said, I did not understand this comment you made:

    Most of the questions I come up with regarding legal issues are fairly basic, I think. I tend to do some searching for a reliable source of information on my own before taking up other people's time. However, having an entertainment lawyer to go to for consultation would increase my chances of getting up-to-date information as well as having someone available who can translate some of the legal-speak areas I don't fully understand. The other benefit being that if worse comes to worse, I would already have someone I am familiar with, if it should come to litigation.

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