Weird Sample Rate/Clocking Problem

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by BrainMachine, Feb 20, 2005.

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    So a few weeks ago, i was recording a band...and i had Digital Performer set to record at 48K and get its clock from the AES EBU input...

    but the AES EBU device sending the clock was accidentally set to 44.1

    so the resulting files were labeled as 48K in their meta data...but were actually recorded at 44.1

    so when i convert the bounced down files to 44.1 (in Peak, that also thought they were 48k) the files became too fast.

    my CD burning program also automatically converted them to 44.1

    the only way i can play the files back at normal and get them on CD, is to repeat the incorrect clocking set up, record them to dat, then back to my computer...

    i have to record any new tracks on these songs with the wacky clock set up too!

    any ideas on how to make my computer realize that these are actually 44.1K files...or to change the meta data, in the files themselves????

    Thanks A ton,
    Patrick Turbiville
  2. BrainMachine

    BrainMachine Guest


  3. Dave62

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    your own solution would be the easiest unless you can find a batch program to change all the meta files. If you mix digitally to a dat set to 44.1 with the current setup and then reimport as you said, it should all work out and not gain an analog generation..
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