Welcome David Herbert, our new mod for the plugin forum!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by audiokid, Apr 14, 2002.

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    Welcome David Herbert, our new mod for the plugin forum!

    David Herbert was born in Wisconsin in 1972 to a Canadian and a Brit who got very, very lost on the way to the hospital. Reared in Hamilton, Ontario, David attended the Recording Arts Program of Canada in 1991-92, earned his brass knuckles slaving at such studios as Metalworks in Toronto and the Clubhouse in Burbank. During that time he got to second on some great projects, working with artists such as Frank Black, The Counting Crows, John Mayall, The Tragically Hip, and Edie Brickell.

    David, sorry it took so long to introduce such a valuable person to our site. You are one hell of a patient guy. David is our newest mod to RO, lets give a warm welcome to the Doc. Hey, don't be keeping back The Beefy Treats.

    Welcome aboard !!!

  2. Hello Everybody and thanks audiokid for the intro. I am trying very hard to communicate my enthusiasm for:
    a) being a moderator at a site with such great contributors
    b) being involved in RO
    c) the Plug-in Forum and all my hopes and dreams for it
    and communicate it in a fashion that does not make me sound like I am:
    a) at a job interview
    b) making a speech
    c) a complete half-wit ;)
    To the future, which by my clock is right about now! Cheers, Doc.
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