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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Doc@BeefyTreats.com, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. Everybody please welcome Brock and David to our forum. Can you gents tell the world a little about yourselves?
  2. "thank you, thank you..."

    *takes a bow*

    "it all started a few years back... I remember a light... it grew very cold. there was screaming... what? oh ok... we'll skip ahead a bit..."

    It's nice to be able to give something to this place. It's a good place. I would like to appologize for asking E. Manley for her hand in marriage. I admit I was just after her tubes...

    I started out playing guitar like a lot of folks here. Began repairing instruments. Moved into running music stores and going out to NAMM shows. All the while freelancing for studio, mastering, and live sound work as well as playing music.

    I'm currently an audio technician for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. I also do freelance restoration and archiving of vinyl (although on a limited scale. it's just too time consuming...) I also do FOH sound and sometimes 2-track recordings for video broadcast for a local church here in Austin.

    They have a 100,000 watt Meyer speaker system, a D&R large frame monitoring console (six monitor mixes I believe), a Langley 501 live board with AMEK automation, two DA-7's linked together in the video suite and broadcast to something like 80 million people each week. The room is amazing I think.

    And the finest musicians in town. Tony Campise who's played with everybody. One of Clint Eastwood's favorites actually... Spencer Starnes on bass who's played with everybody... (willie nelson, asleep at the wheel, etc. etc.) Jeff Sturms (keyboard player in George Strait's band, producer, engineer)... Sometimes Mitch Watkins when he isn't on the road. sometimes Larry Seyers... String section with mostly symphony players I believe... full brass section. Grand Piano... (Bosendorfer with a couple of 414's...) full choir with about 8 microtech geffels hanging... that use those things like they are candy. I love them... etc, etc... I probably average about 75 inputs to the console on any given adventure out there with probably a dozen scene changes.

    Other than that I've pretty much thrown myself into all kinds of situations... Radio broadcasts ranging from a 300 voice choir with full orchestra to three piece bands. kinda' a jack of all trades. I'm only a master of one... cat juggling...

    I'm not famous...
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    I'll second that Doc, ya beat me to it. Welcome guys! There is cake and cookies in our famous Bull Pen, The "Mods Corner". I believe Rick has made up a truck load of desserts for all you guys joining our team of Moderators.

  4. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002

    Moving on...

    I've been here at RO as a member for over a year and a half, but I don't think anyone really knows who I am, so allow me to introduce myself. I am a 23 year old university student studying music engineering technology, theory/composition, and classical guitar, in that order. I have been involved in music as a player since 1994 and I started my involvement in recording and production in 1997. Though my main concern is my education, I also produce demos for local pop artists.

    I think I'll cut it off there for everyone's sake.

    Thanks again for the welcome guys. I'm looking forward to a great new year here at the best forum on the net. :cool:
  5. teleharmonic

    teleharmonic Guest

    Hey... that's EXACTLY what a famous person would say to throw us off the trail!
  6. BrockStapper

    BrockStapper Guest

    HA! You found me out... If you would like my autograph I simply can't be bothered. I'm too busy.

    If I had been aware this thread was a sticky I wouldn't have been quite so verbose...

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