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    Welcome to Recording.org!

    This community was started in 1998, a place where musicians, engineers and producers could get together and talk about the art, the science, and the craft of audio recording.

    Technology is ever-changing, but always at the heart of it all are the people; those who are passionate about music, and the process involved in making great sounding recordings.

    Here you will find emphasis on microphones, pre amps, DAW Platforms, and above all, capturing real musicianship and performances in a world which has often turned to samples of instruments. Here at RO, we like to keep it real; no matter whether you're into digital, analog, or a hybrid of both, the spirit of this forum is the human side of music and recording.

    Come on in and join a group of experts and novices alike, who love to talk about and share your passions for the craft.

    Mics, Consoles, Preamps, Monitors, Acoustics Theory and Application, DAW Platforms, Tape Machines, Effects and Signal Processing (both OTB and ITB), Troubleshooting and Mix Collaboration/Critique, are but a few of the sections that lie within.

    We hope to chat with you soon! :)
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