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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jbon, May 8, 2004.

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    and not as if bloggin here, but I feel an explanation could yield for me maybe an idea or something, to maybe augment my cinfidence, or somethin ,who knows perhaps even a solution if my descript which is likely to sound more like a shuttle collision than an account of events leading up to a failure of service...unless the scenery sounds familiar to anyone, who doe have my sympathy and consolation, since youaint alone forsureman here I am.....
    I added Norton Security from the setup disk included with our router by linksys (BEFSR41 )
    We felt the router might enable simultaneous usage by multiple pc's and also an x-box live console. boy what a ride.
    We let the wizard setup as we we plugged in, each worked fine but not at the same time,
    see I get "kicked off" by the xbox, and when he stops ,I am able, once again to "surf".
    Connectivity is one of those "don't miss it till its gone" thangs,eh?
    But (boy this is thick) I have Norton Security keeping me out of my pc's access to the net, now, since I mis-handled the install, somehow.

    I won't even try to ask for a hand , but if I find that I can ask an intelligible question I will ask it only posting updates periodically in the mean time

    I willget this thanks to ro folks for who y'are!
  2. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003

    just kidding. try to uninstall. Maybe Norton creates an installer log? that way you could manually delete all the files the the uninstaller (always) misses.

    Sounds like a problem in the way the xbox is identified by Norton.

    Did I mention that I hate Norton?
  3. Jbon

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    yes thanks Mr Jones

    I hate the way Norton gets into EVERYTHING like aol only much much much worse. i had a momentary lapse of sense, and anything free, i am a sucker for, so there it was "security" from Norton, on the disk I got from the router package by Linksys.
    but I managed to uninstall and sort of get back to sort of the way it was.
    For the first time ,though Now I get "kicked off" CHARTER PIPELINE, and that used to almost never happened.
    That sasser has me spooked for sure, i am in the middle of trying to build my first pc, and keep connectivity with xbox going in the background.... a challenge for me as i aint' no old pro at this, yet.
    But i got access to the greatest minds as long as i manage my own wordings properly enough and manage to keep away the vagueness of any one issue, in the midst of many things going on simultaneously.
    i hate the way I hate as much as i do, but its not just totally without grounds, as your similar feelings confirm.
    Microsoft i also have very strong feelings about, but the harsh things that might be said by me about any thing or body, I won't, cuz I just have so much time as you know

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