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    We have an independent label, financed independently, produced independently, and now promoting independently. January 16th we released a Gospel Rap CD of ourselves, and very locally promoted it. We’ve already sold 200 copies, and I know we have at least $1000 in the bank. We just sent for 500 more to be made and they’re on their way now. If you were in this predicament what steps would you take to affordably and effectively promote: first to the public (city and surroundings), second (other cities), and third (other states).

    Right now we’re focused on local Bible Book Stores, then place like Sam Goody and etc. The past sales have been mainly just from the members at our church. What should we do or not do. Get involved with others to help? Make Posters? What? We’re just trying to avoid as many mistakes as possible, and use our money wisely.

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  2. Thomas W. Bethel

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    Dec 12, 2001
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    Radio Station air play with interview about the record on the local gospel station

    Put demos on the WWW.

    Web site for group with promo material.

    Ad in the local church(s) news bulletins.

    Word of mouth. (best and cheapest)

    Announcement in the local paper with feature story about the group and the record.

    Sell CDs at concerts you are doing.

    Sell CDs at stores in the area that cater to rap and or religious material. See if they work with a national distributor?

    Sell CDs by mail with ads on the WWW.

    Find a national distributor who deals with Gospel Rap.

    Have someone from the community promo your CD on the air.

    Get a news story done about the project by a local TV station.

    Do cable advertising.

    Set up a booth at a rap festival or religious event.

    Do posters and put them in places like restaurants and churches advertising your CD.

    Take out a small classified ad in the local underground or rock newspaper like the Scene.

    Give 10 copies of your CD to your church and ask them to give them to someone who would enjoy your music. Possibly a shut in or someone who cannot attend church. The pastor will thank you and possibly mention it to the congregation.

    Get a local distributor interested in your material and have him help you promo it.

    Best of luck and I hope you go platinum.

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    One advertising ploy I've heard of is finding out how much ad time is on local radio stations, then getting what everyone feels to be the 'best' track on the album for the general public and promotion of your album (hopefully 2-3 minutes maxumum), then add a short fifteen second intro saying "This is _____ from the band _______. Here is our debut single from our album ______! (salutaion, such as Peace, Peach, Word, or whatever... mabe 'Be Blessed' in this case), then the outro would quickly reiterate the band, song and album names and tell where it's avaible(a website is what I heard the other group use).

    Get the radio stations that your music fits to play the thing every two hours or however they do it at that station.

    Also, set up a website. That's quick, easy, and right now most people (assuming you don't know anyone) would wright the HTML for pennies if you've bought the web address and server space.
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    Apr 17, 2003
    It is sad that Airplay is such a good way to promote your music, however in the process your music gets squashed, into sounding like every thing else out there. Radio music has become a background noise.

    Good luck with it though.
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    I like the technique you have followed for music promotion.There should be a system for everything .Everything should be performed systematically.So if you are trying to sell the books then you have to also follow a good technique starting from church is a good method for selling your books.You can offer your books to your fans who have purchased your music album.
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    Aug 24, 2005
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