What about a Mixing-Board this days?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by GnzlO, Oct 14, 2008.

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    Sep 22, 2008
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    hello folks, what do you think of having, on this computer days, a mixing board on studio, i saw one yesterday on a pawnshop at Barcelona, Spain, it was a Yamaha MG102c at a very low price, i bought it cuz i'm planning to get serious about recording, so, in my opinion, every serious studio should have on mixing board just in case or for getting some live recording, even for the EQ and compressors, well, what do you think about getting this board, it was 85€ by the way, thanks so much...
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    A mixer in the studio is useful, but not necessary. It makes the headphone mix easy to adjust, but it's hard to justify the cost solely for that. For live sound it is a necessity. Recording and live sound are two very different markets, and unless you have a lot of time, trying to pursue both can be difficult and expensive.

    You can buy that board new for $100 USD here in the US. (~70 Euros) Maybe with the typical markup on goods in Europe 85 Euros is a good deal? The only EQ I use when recording is the high pass filter button for vocals. Other than that I never use the EQ on the mixer, or the compressor when recording. Neither have enough control. For live sound I agree with you. EQ is indispensable, and a simple compressor is nice to have.
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    The only studio use for an MG102C I can think of would be as a headphone amplifier. What else do you have in your studio?
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    Mixing boards still have their place whether they are digital or analog.

    The need for one can better be classified as old-school. Certain consoles are still highly desirable for their particular microphone preamp & equalization sound. That along with the ability to have analog summation at the mixing bus. Again, this highly depends upon your style of workflow and what the client wants. Having numerous different ways to be able to complete projects allows for comparisons. And with that, a huge increase in time spent. That's great if the client has the budget. It's great if you want to be able to offer that versatility. But it's really not necessary anymore. For instance, many folks record with numerous different boutique microphone preamp's directly into digital recorders of all sorts. That digital recording is then mixed internally, in a computer. But if you are "old-school"? You may elect to pass through your console, multiple times? There is no black-and-white anymore but a broad range of colors.

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