What about the future for Logic?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Tore Nylund, Oct 7, 2002.

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    I’ve been dumped… by Logic.
    It’s a sad story… I really love Logic and I’m also a true PC-lover.
    I started in the 80’s with an Atari and KCS, C-Lab, Notator, and later
    with the first Logic. Now I’ve been working in the studio with Logic
    on a Mac a few years… and a little bit at home on my PC .
    But now when I’ve started to build my awesome ANUS-DAW, Logic
    has decided to leave me…
    I don’t know what to do… you will probably tell me to go for
    Cubase SX…. I ‘m sure it’s a good choice but I will truly miss Logic.

    I just wonder how the future is for Logic? I’m sure they will do fine
    working with just the Mac users for a few years… but what about in
    5-10 years? Does Mac still exist then? Or are they left behind in the
    computer-race ?
    They say that Logic users are 65% Mac and 35% PC…so there’s many
    of us that has been dumped. But when it comes to Pro-users and studios
    I think that the Mac-users are a lot more. Here in Sweden I think that
    at least 95 % of all the studios and Pro-users are running MAC’s.
    Don’t know how it is in other countries … Do you?
    So it seems like Emagic is just going to serve the Pro-users with their
    Great Logic, thinking PC is just for home users.
    But I think that they’re doing a big mistake here… the “home-users”
    of today are really the Pro-users of tomorrow….
    So what will happen in a few years when this PC- generation starts to run the big studios?
    Maybe they are so used to run awesome ANUS-DAW’s with Cubase SX
    so they will throw out all the Mac’s with Logic from the studio….?
    Will Emagic’s Logic really survive ?
    What do you think?
    This is not about witch one PC or Mac is the best system…
    I just want to know what you think about the future for PC and Mac DAW’s

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