What about the new Audient ASP800 ?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by pcrecord, Jun 15, 2015.

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    HI guys,

    I already have 10 somewhat colored preamps and since I changed my Saffire 56 for a RME ff800
    I'm missing a few preamps to drive a complete band.

    There isn't many choices around 1 k. I'm planning the buy at the end of summer.
    I had a Octopre and was disapoined by it.. it's a bit narrow sounding and doesn't have enough gain and headroom for my taste.

    I started to read about the ASP800 http://audient.com/products/asp800
    It seems interesting with 8 clean pre (so they say) and 2 that you could add some different colors.
    It's gonna be around 1k here in Canada.

    I'd like to know if they are Worth it and what kind of alternative we can find...

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    I haven't heard the new ASP800, but I do know the older ASP008 unit and I also possess the 2-channel Mico, which uses the same pre-amps. They both have a really nice sound to the pre-amps without actually being coloured.

    If you can get the ASP800 for $1K Canadian, that's great value - it's £600 over here, where it's made.
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